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My story - Karol Nycz photographer




How would you describe your style?

Feelings are the most important in the stories I tell. It is always hard to categorize someone's style, but three words can help describe mine and would tell a little what I love in the pictures: authenticity, warmth, feelings. Spontaneous moments come when no one around you is embarrassed, so I always try to be a friend more than a service provider, more an observer than a creator, and more a sincere smile than a serious artist. I believe that the style of my photos is not only the frames and post-production, but also the atmosphere that I create with the couple since the first meeting drinking lemonade or while Skype calling. If we start liking each other from the very beginning - the authenticity, warmth, feelings come out themselves immediately. Maybe this is how I build my style...

How would you describe your approach to post-production?

I hope my post-production helps understand the audience what I see and what I feel during a wadding day. I do love my warm green color and my warmth on photos in general. Ever since I can remember I loved wearing sunglasses with yellowish glass. Then the world I see is more-yellow, more-warm, more the kind I prefer the world to be. In my pictures I’m trying to save my version of the surroundings that is full of warm colors, a little of magic and spirit to love.

What film and equipment do you use?

For now, I use the newest Sony-brand mirrorless cameras, but honestly I’ve never had a thought it’s the equipment that takes pictures. I only hope that cameras will never cut back my possibilities. I also sometimes add to my work some gadgets from completely different fields of life.